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Good animation, funny story, awesome ending music. I like it a lot!

My brain...

It isn't bad. I would've liked some subtitles and dialogue for the characters.

JUST-A-C00L-GUY responds:

i know i gonna make a few more, and add dialogue, but this is my first movie ever,

Pretty good as per the usual. I thought the ending would've been better if the clown left the birthday boy alive and messed with him. Still good though.

Wow, I am really sick of Minecraft videos. Yet, you found something no one has done before. Well done.

Great Animation

Man I'm glad this didn't get blamed, this has 3 weeks of amazing animation put into it. The overall story isn't that bad either, very good work!


The animation in this was lacking but the voice acting wasn't that good to start with. I'd love to see you improve this, I think I'd enjoy this more if you showed their problems getting to the top of the mountain.

Sprinkles69 responds:

I had a lot more planned out in my head, but time was a major issue with making this even with all of the story cutbacks and editing I did I still only finished this a week before it was due.


Shark is amazing. xD


This is so lame, and way too long. Everyone's watching it for the three medals. Well done. xD

Best in a long time.

This was one of the best flashes I've seen in a long time. I haven't watch a Newgrounds flash more than once in years, let alone over 15 times in one day. The big thing that made me laugh was the random explosions of hellish fury. That is something I can never get tired of laughing at!

um, i dont know what to say. i am a crazy kid. i say fuck alot. i love my girlfriend. i hate some people. um, i dont like it when kids mess with me. im Greek, Irish, and German. and i love the stuff on this website.

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